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We are a small, specialized firm, not a part of any franchise. We provide to you the intimacy of a consultant, with the results driven orientation of sales executives. In the end, our mutual success is dependent on a carefully planned and skillfully executed series of events.

Our role is to successfully execute these planned actions while maintaining absolute confidentiality for you, our client. We are licensed real estate brokers in NC, which is required by law to handle lease and real property transfers. Our background is in sales and finance with extensive experience managing long-term sales cycles that require pragmatic negotiations and persistence in achieving results.

Dogwood Business Brokers and Advisors is not part of any franchise system. We are licensed to transfer and sell real estate in North Carolina.

Steve Schilling

Steve Schilling – Partner

Our goal is to guide you through every step of the process so you can achieve your goal effectively.

Brokerage and Advisory Services

We provide broker and advisory services to businesses that are valued from $500,000 to $5,000,000. We offer a success-based service Which only results in earning our fee if you succeed in transferring the business on terms you accept. Our service includes providing you a most-probable selling price, preparation of all marketing tools, advertising for qualified buyers, qualifying buyers, the presentation of offers, and ultimately the closing of the transaction.

Valuation Advice

Our experience in accounting and finance enable us work with your CPA to understand the financial records of a business and prepare the presentation for potential buyers. We will evaluate a number of factors in addition to the financial information and prepare a price range estimate.

Seller’s Agent

Utilizing confidential advertising locally and internet placement as required, we will qualify buyers, obtaining and presenting offers, along with coordination of Seller’s Team to closing.

Buyer’s Agent

Develop a confidential presentation to characterize buyer’s requirements that may be used to begin a search. Present opportunities that meet requirements and assist in preparation of any offers. This service is only available to Wake and surrounding counties.

Sellers/Buyers Team usually includes the accountant, the lawyer and any other critical professionals necessary to complete the transaction.

We are dedicated to educating and coaching our customers during the process of valuing and selling their business.

Why should you use a business broker?

Any business owner who has sold a business on their own will tell you it’s a long and stressful process that consumes your time and distracts you from the day- to-day operation of your business. Valuing, marketing, negotiating and transferring a business are time consuming and distracting for an owner to manage while maintaining business continuity. After all, while buyers want to know the history of the business you built, the current results are an important factor in the value to be realized.

This industry is unregulated on a national basis and lightly regulated state by state. There are state, regional and national associations that provide codes of conduct, continuing education and conferences for professional development. As your broker and advisor, we will always act in a professional and ethical manner.

Confidentiality and Security

We market your business without current employees, customers or competitors being aware that your business is for sale. Based on your specific situation, we will suggest a process to ensure your information is provided only to qualified potential buyers. Prior to the exchange of sensitive information, prospective buyers are required to sign a strict confidentiality agreement.

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Dogwood Business Brokers and Advisors answers only to our clients.  Our independence, experience and integrity allow us to help you make good decisions, for the right reasons.

We are dedicated to educating and coaching our customers during the process of valuing and selling their business.

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